So you are in the market for best pro scooters under 200 dollars? Or want to buy a best stunt scooter under $200 for 12 year old. These are made for aggressive riding and executing sophisticated tricks like bri flips, Capron flips, umbrella whips, flairs and double flairs! Well maybe not double flairs let’s stick to tail whips and Bonnie hops.

Stunt scooters are getting more popular every day in outdoor recreation games due to its challenging & athletic nature. Infect in skate parks; they are becoming the most popular game at the moment.

Interesting thing about stunt scooters is they are equally popular among both adults & kids which basically show us that it is more than just a “new cool thing” in the block. Using stunt scooters is a good sport as these not only help you challenge yourself everyday but at the same time give you an excuse to have some light exercise.

The best stunt scooters are designed to suit all ages and ability levels with their spare parts available easily. They should be durable, reliable and can be handled with a lot of ease and comfort. We have done some strong research on what type of scooters are best suited and most sought after in the sports world, and then narrowed that category with the best rated and most efficient in design, quality and price.

The price being our top most priority when finalizing any product for our customers as the focus is to provide the best under 200 dollar deals.


Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter

Prepare for the skatepark with the Rise 110 Elite Freestyle Stunt Scooter by Mongoose. The Rise is stacked with exceptional highlights, including a lightweight compound deck with broadened standing territory for supportive of style bike execution. The one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar with bicycle style holds gives you the ideal mix of toughness and solace, while the triple anodized clip collar gives exact, fresh controlling any place you go.

For just about 40 years, Mongoose has been in the earth, on the path and off the slopes. Established in 1974 out of a Southern California carport, Mongoose has consistently been a forceful brand with items that stretch the boundaries of what a rider can do. From the greatest hits on the mountain or in the recreation center to the metropolitan wilderness, Mongoose is a true brand that produces sturdy items worked for genuine riders.

From the primary items – to our present yield of BMX, Mountain and asphalt bicycles, Mongoose is inseparable from bicycles that perform on the smoothest single track to the greatest drops and riders searching for trails that never end and make a big difference for the gathering.

Mongoose Rise 100
Mongoose Rise 100 Pro
Mongoose Rise 110 Elite
Mongoose Rise 110 Expert
Mongoose Rise 110 Team

Swagtron ST047 Elite Pro Stunt Scooter

Full-Metal Ride

Free styling can get harsh. You’ll need wheels that can deal with the maltreatment. ABEC-9 chrome steel course with 110mm aluminum-center wheels, sufficiently enormous to gather speed without a great deal of incidental kicks. A match made in skate park paradise.

Grasp Easy Handlebars

Our no-slip TPE grasps convey additional control and upgraded solace. Delicate yet firm, these grasps assimilate considerably a greater amount of the effect from 10-foot vert drops and skull-shaking arrivals. Super-grippy, even the sweatiest, meatiest hands will not sneak off mid-flight.

Mythical serpent Claw Pro Clamp

The ST047 is bolted and stacked with its wild Dragon Claw CNC twofold clip to solidly grasp the bars and settle the stem for an epic riding experience. Fixing the bolts to your particulars will make the expert bike dialed and prepared to break out crazy stunts

Type R Complete Pro Scooter – Pro Scooters

The all-new Type R Complete Pro Scooter

Cruising into the free-form ace bike market at high rates comes one more monster of development by Root Industries – the Type R complete stunt bike.

After their fruitful first bunch of complete expert bikes, Root Industries has chosen to raise the stakes once more and consolidate the best highlights of their four earlier complete trick bikes into one extreme inhabitant of the roads, and ruler of quarter pipes, box bounces, and everything in the middle. The Type R’s exceptionally serious moderateness balances the trifecta – imaginative, practical, and reasonable. For any bike rider – novice to cutting edge – this total genius stunt bike truly is a blessing from heaven!


110mm x 24mm 8-Spoke Black PU / Black core Type R wheels. These unique Type R-specific wheels combine a lightweight design with durable and grippy polyurethane, making for a super-smooth, reliable ride.


123x500mm / 4.8×19.6in; 6061-T6 with nylon front and back inserts. An awesome size for any level or style of stunt scooter rider!


580x550mm / 22.8×21.65; 13A Standard Chromoly Steel handlebars; the perfect balance of strength and functionality.

Pulse Performance Products DX1 Freestyle Dirt Scooter, Black/White

The Pulse Performance DX1 All-Terrain Stunt Scooter is intended for bike riders, all things considered, capacities and levels. The substantial development and larger than average 8″ bumpy, air filled tires handle the effects of riding on or rough terrain. The grasp cassette player surface of the Pulse Performance DX1 All-Terrain Stunt Scooter holds the rider’s feet securely set up while riding on any surface. Larger than usual aluminum deck takes into account different riding positions and simple control consistently.

About Pulse Performance Products

Heartbeat Performance Products (PPP) first dispatched in 2007 with the beginning of the Kick ‘N Go execution bike. From that point forward, our imaginative personalities have kept on stretching the limits and create extraordinary and inventive items, for example, the Slither Drift Scooter and Charger Electric Scooter.

Moreover, PPP has likewise settled weighty bike patterns like the Composite Deck Traction (CDT); a composite deck with in-footing embellishment and contemporary in-form designs to separate our items from the competition’s.

Heartbeat Performance Products invests heavily in planning, testing and conveying the most epic bikes on earth, since that is our main event best.

Ferrari FXA12 Stunt Scooter

Official Ferrari 2 Wheel Stunt Scooter. Skate and Scooter. Elastic Handle, Abrasion safe Hyper Rebound PU wheel. Comprising of a few assortments, these superior skating items typify qualities and attributes inseparable from that of Scuderia Ferrari.

Ycco Stunt Scooter Pro 3,Children’s Scooter Three

The Stunt Scooter made of warmth compromised stable aluminum-development is completely set for bounces and deceives. The Pro 360 degree PVC Y-handlebar guarantees a grasp in the handlebar so you generally have the control when doing tricks and bounces. It leaves nothing to be wanted and is ideally appropriate for amateurs just as for the high level bike rider. On the off chance that you are with the youngsters who are Beginners and Advanced, just to purchase for entertainment only.


High acceleration

Rear brake system

For beginners and advanced people

Recommended for ages 8+ and older which under 100kg

Non-slip tread surface can better ensure the safety of children during play

Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum and lightweight and robust frame

High-quality ABEC 7 ball bearings and PU 100mm wheels add a smooth cruise to any journey with a rear flex brake also coming as standard

A Pro 360 degree PVC handlebar with soft sport grips allows the scooter to grow as your child does, giving the scooter many years of use and play


N.W.: 3Kg

Color: Red/Black

Size: 70 x 80 cm

Material: Aluminium

Wheel-Material: PU

Max. weight capacity: 50 Kg

Scooter – Scooter for Teenager – Kick Scooter 

Minimal Kick Scooter for Teens by Hurtle

Children’s bikes may appear as though they’re no different either way, yet they’re definitely not! To make your shopping interaction overly simple for you, we’ve illustrated our top bikes for youngsters, why we love them, and why your child will as well!

Shelter steer usefulness, this collapsing stand kick bikes have a movable tallness handlebars for an additional smooth and stable ride. The supportive of style bike is accessible in various tones.

A decent value for your money

Essentially expressed, the Hurtle reduced Kick bike is strong, lightweight, compact, and reasonable. With movable handlebars, this bike can develop with your kid for a long time.

Loads of wonderful highlights

Worked considering the amateur, the Pro style bike includes a wide sunken deck, making it simple to pull off stunts like tail whips and slides. This section level model can’t be bested with exceptional style.

Surf the walkway with shelter steer

With shelter steer usefulness, the bike makes a remarkable ride experience like that of a skateboard by permitting the rider to cut turns, however with the additional security of ski lift handlebars.

Folding Kick Scooter for Adults and Kids

Speed ACROSS TOWN or around the neighborhood on this grown-up and kids bike by SereneLife. Rough compound development upholds up to 220 lbs, making it ideal for getting across grounds or from the workplace to the bus station

Large WHEEL SCOOTER for age 8 years and up highlights enduring 8″ PU tires and ABEC-7 direction for smooth rides on black-top, solid, cobblestone, grass and that’s just the beginning. It is the quintessential off-road bike for youngsters and grown-ups.

1-KICK OPEN MECHANISM makes collapsing and unfurling SereneLife Sport Scooters a breeze. Collapsed measurements of our childhood and grown-up kick bike are simply 31.89″ x 4.92″ x 12.72″, ideal for stowing under a work area or in a school storage

Hurtle 3-Wheeled Scooter for Kids 

FUN KIDDIE EXERCISE – A 2-in-1 present that challenges conventional hurrying such that is more enjoyable. The removable flip-out seat and foot cushion permits your youngster to hurry sitting or holding up.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Bring it to the jungle gym or to a neighborhood park helpfully. This minimal bike is sufficiently light to convey, fits in the storage compartment of a vehicle, and genuinely simple to store.

Force GLOWING WHEELS – Little ones are enchanted by the LED light-up wheel innovation. The blaze of rainbow tones is both an energizing appreciation for youngsters and a lift to wellbeing and security.

Razor Phase Two Signature Pro Scooter

Designed, developed, and tested by Team Razor Pro Rider John Radtke
Phase Two Scooter are exactly the type of quality and durability today’s pro level rider is looking for
T-bar style 4130 CroMoly handlebar with pro style rubber grips
Laser etched black alloy core 110mm white high grade polyurethane 88A wheels with RZR Pro 50 bearings
Also, features full deck rider-designed grip tape, anti-rattle brake system, and double coffin clamp


The bars are actually a matter of the individual inclination and set the vibe of your ride. The elements of the bar is totally needy upon your own inclinations, you can likewise choose the sort and the style that you like. There are two sorts of bars accessible on the lookout and that are steel and aluminum bars. The standard breadth (STD) of the bar is 1¼”, however there are likewise larger than average (OS) accessible in the market having a measurement of 1 3/8″.


It is apparently the main part of your ride, like the fork of a bike. The fork requires a pressure framework to be joined to the bars of the bike immovably. The fork comes in two distinct sorts the strung on and the threadless fork. The threadless forks are superior to the strung ones as a result of the most extreme measure of solidarity and execution that they have on offer. While going for a fork it is truly critical to choose the wheels that will fit the fork size without any problem.


Albeit this piece of the professional bike isn’t large yet has incredible significance in the general dependability of the push. The paste holding the bars and the fork together is known as a cinch. Hence the braces are of monstrous worth. There are three sorts of clips accessible in the market which are twofold, triple and fourfold clasps which is only the quantity of bolts that the brace has.


The deck of the master bike is the fundamental piece of the bike and the remainder of the bike is worked around it, thus making this piece of the professional bike a beautiful significant one. The decks of the bike come in various styles, lengths, widths, and curves and thusly it turns out to be profoundly significant for you to choose the best one that suits every one of your necessities and prerequisites impeccably.


Another fundamental piece of the ace bike is the coordinated headset; the part that empowers the fork cylinder to turn inside the head tube is the headset. How you will do various stunts on your bike totally relies on the headset of your bike. When discussing the best in class bikes they come in with fixed coordinated headset which needs a fork that is threadless and furthermore a pressure framework. This really makes the activity of the bike pretty smooth.


The tallness of the bike is stringently needy upon the stature of the bars, despite the fact that it involves individual inclination however is critical since, in such a case that the exact tallness isn’t picked that meets your own stature then it influences the general treatment of the bike. In this manner it is immeasurably significant that you pick the stature that is ideal for you and you can ride the bike effortlessly.


You must be exceptionally particular about this reality for example the heaviness of the trick bike. You typically need to perform various deceives and tricks o bike and you can just it easily and flawlessness when the treatment of the bike is simply great. Simply see yourself as doing a twofold reverse somersault on the bike that is really weighty in weight, you definitely won’t complete it in the way that you have done it on a lightweight bike, thusly it is exceptionally significant for the bike to be lightweight.