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Tips on Choosing the Best Air Mattress

Follow these Tips when Choosing the Best Air Mattress for Comfort

To accommodate company, whether expected or unexpected, have a place to sleep away from a normal bed partner who is ill or recovering from surgery, or have an available bed for the children’s sleepover friends, an air mattress is the perfect solution.

However, just as with standard bed mattresses, it would be important to purchase the best air mattress afforded, which is possible by reading the information provided.


The term “Keep It Simple Stupid” or KISS would apply when shopping for the best. This is not intended to refer to readers as being stupid but instead, reminding people that in some instances, simple is best.

A misconception is that expensive air mattresses are best while cheap air mattresses are worst. More expensive products are sometimes higher quality but this is not always the case so although price would be one consideration in buying the best air mattress, it should never be the main deciding factor.


One thing that would help distinguish the best air mattress from one of low quality is comfort. Of course, comfort is going to be unique to different people but the goal would be finding a mattress that offers good back support while still contouring the body. Typically, a design consisting of a vinyl or plastic tube filled with air works best.

However, for ultimate comfort regardless of the person sleeping on the mattress, choosing a product that inflates would be preferred. With this, the vinyl or plastic tubs could be inflated or deflated based on what a person likes.

Someone who finds a firm mattress to be comfortable would simply add a greater volume of air whereas the person who equates comfort to a softer mattress would use less air.

Now, one important note pertaining to inflatable air mattresses is that if overfilled, seams could fail or in more severe cases, actually explode.

While failure is bad, having an air mattress actually pop from being overfilled could be dangerous. Therefore, for someone who wants to achieve comfort by having the ability to increase or decrease inflation, it would be strongly recommended to choose a product that has a pressure limiting feature.

Air Chambers:

Although we have mentioned air chambers as part of the process of buying the best air mattress, we wanted to expound on that information. Although older styles are constructed with a single air chamber, newer styles consist of multiple chambers, referred to sometimes by different companies as support systems, baffles, or zones.

Initially, it would seem the best air mattress would be one with several air chambers but in reality, the single chamber design is considered the better choice. With multiple air chamber mattresses featuring a greater number of moving parts risk of problems increases whereas the single chamber with fewer moving parts would be of less risk.

Additionally, multiple air chamber mattresses are made with a significant number of adhesives opposed to single chamber air mattresses requiring less adhesive. In simple terms, the more bonding material used the higher chance of failure.

This is not to say that some of the more complex designs are bad or riskier than simple designs, it does show that the best air mattress is not automatically one made with a higher number of innovative features.


Another important aspect of buying has to do with reliability. Even though a high-quality mattress could be purchased for around $50, no person wants to spend hard-earned money only for the product to deteriorate prematurely.

A reliable mattress would offer consistent support and comfort, not develop holes through which air would slowly leak, or fail because of a heavier person sleeping on it.

For the best air mattress to provide reliability, it would need to have solid construction and be made with appropriate and high-quality materials.

One thing in particular is that seams should be securely stitched or sealed since these are the main location of where leaks occur. As far as reliability, the best air mattress would be made with vulcanized rubber bladders, which allows the mattress to retain air better.

Special Features that Matter:

Remember, sometimes the best air mattress is one with a simple design but there are a number of special features offered in today’s market that could help in buying a high-quality product. Those considered of the most importance are listed below:

  • Flocking – An air mattress with flocking is made with a special velvety type material on the surface. With this, an individual would not be subjected to sleeping on a sticky vinyl or plastic surface.
  •  Built-In Pillows – Another great feature found in the best air mattress is built-in pillows that inflate along with the mattress itself. Not only does this unique design make the mattress more comfortable to sleep on but it offers convenience by eliminating the need to haul standard pillows out of the closet, to a friend or family member’s house, on a camping trip, and so on.
  •  Pillow Top – As one of the most recent features offered, a pillow top consists of the mattress having a series of inflatable air cushions that provide additional support and comfort.
  • Internal Pump – For years, air mattresses were designed to be inflated with an external pump, which meant spending an additional $20 to $40 for the actual pump. However, using an internal pump makes it easier to inflate and deflate the mattress, it eliminates the need to carry around a separate pump, it reduces risk of losing or misplacing removable parts of an outside pump, and when making a price comparison, a mattress designed with an internal pump is actually less expensive than buying the best air mattress with a separate pump.

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