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Top 10 Best Immersion Blenders on Amazon

Immersion blenders are so flexible. Additionally, called a hand blender, the handheld instrument has an engine toward one side and edges on the other. They can do difficult tasks like mixing smoothies and pureeing soups straightforwardly in the pot without moving it to and from a blender, and they can likewise handle little positions like whipping cream and making a dressing.

To track down the best Immersion Blenders, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab consistently assesses an assortment of first-class models from notable brands at a scope of costs, searching for ones that are not difficult to amass and agreeable to hold and work. We carry them into our kitchens to analyze how well they puree butternut squash soup, mix smoothies, pound ice, and whisk eggs. Our #1 ones (which we purchased for ourselves and utilize practically day by day!) are sufficiently incredible to mix smoothies and soups easily and discreetly with an ergonomic and agreeable hold that will not tire hands. These are our top submersion blender picks, in light of a mix of testing and in-home use:

Immersion Blenders

Best-rated immersion blender:

The agreement among analysts is that this submersion blender is little yet powerful, particularly at the cost. One analyst says, “I took a gander at ones that were considerably more costly and was stressed that this would be economically made (in light of the fact that you frequently get what you pay for). Be that as it may, I have been wonderfully astounded with this one. At 500 watts it has genuine force and it is very simple to utilize. Too content with my buy!” Another analyst remarked, “It took care of all that we tossed at it like a champ. It didn’t overheat, over-vibrate/shake, battle, smell like a modest electric engine or anything like that.” One analyst even called this submersion blender “a force to be reckoned with!” Though it accompanies less connections than other more expensive alternatives, the whisk is by all accounts enough for most commentators. As one clarifies, “I utilized the whisk connection to prepare a few omelets in a flash. Route simpler on the wrists than a customary whisk. Furthermore, I just made a cluster of natively constructed mayo in a Mason container. This was by a wide margin my number one use for this stick blender. I can’t really accept that how basic it was.”

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Planned and designed to outlive and outflank the opposition. Agreeable and simple to utilize, makes all your blending/mixing assignments simpler than at any other time! The Mueller Ultra-Stick 9-Speed hand blender is one ledge apparatus with boundless choices and flexibility. The mixing arm ventures impeccably into more profound pots. We should you mix, puree, and smash easily. 9 velocities give control to food, for example, smoothies, soups, or infant food. The mixing arm and whisk turn off for snappy and simple cleanup.

Best-rated (less expensive) immersion blender:

immersion blender

BELLA Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment, Quickly Mixes Sauces, Purees Soups, Smoothies & Dips, BPA-Free, Easy To Clean, Stainless Steel/Red

This immersion blenders from Bella has almost 4,000 five-star audits with handfuls commending the incredible cost, yet it’s comparably adaptable as our best-appraised pick and great quality, as well. “Simple to spotless, great feel in the hands, and the whisk connection is very helpful when blending players or meringues,” one commentator composes. Another commentator utilized it to scrutinize one early pandemic TikTok pattern: “I’ve discovered this drenching blender’s actual calling: whipped espresso. I utilize a tall Mason container, a few tablespoons every one of Nescafé, sugar, and bubbling water, and put the whisk connection on this terrible kid. Under two minutes after the fact, amazing Instagram-commendable whipped espresso.”

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Best cordless immersion blender:

KitchenAid KHBBV53ER Cordless Hand Blender, 8 inch, Empire Red

Cordless Hand Blender

This inundation blender from KitchenAid is cordless, which commentators say is significantly more helpful (and a lot more secure) than corded models. It’s a “unquestionable requirement” in the kitchen, one five-star commentator composes, in light of the fact that they “don’t want to get [the cord] captured on something and afterward projecting my beans onto the dividers when the string pulls me back.” Plus, the batteries are battery-powered “so you never need to stress over placing new batteries mixed together, and it charges in the blink of an eye.” Another analyst says that, despite the fact that it’s battery-fueled, it’s bounty amazing: “It’s effectively just about as incredible as my corded one however such a great deal simpler to just draw out of the cabinet and use without chasing for an outlet. Furthermore, the charge appears to keep going forever.” indeed, that commentator has utilized it “around multiple times” — for everything from bean stew to fruit purée — and they “haven’t re-energized it yet since the underlying energize.”

All the Power You Expect, without the Cord. Go where desire takes you with the Cordless Hand Blender from KitchenAid. Planned with an incredible battery-powered Lithium Ion Battery, the new cordless hand blender conveys ideal runtime and execution, so you can cook any place , whatever, and anyway you pick. Mixes 25 dishes of soup on a full charge. Indoor utilize as it were. In light of 12 ounce bowls (354 ml), 7 clusters, Tomato Basil Soup.All the force you expect, without the string.

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Best four-piece immersion-blender set

This minimal effort submersion blender works effectively mixing milder food sources like soups, milkshakes, whipped cream, and dressings. It has a 225 watt engine, the least we tried, yet it was adequately incredible to mix a pot of soup easily in less than 90 seconds. It highlights two mixing speeds (high and low) constrained by two enormous catches that are not difficult to push down.


Of all the drenching blenders we tried, this one has the briefest shaft (5 inches), which is incredible for little bunch mixing, yet would be hard to use in a profound compartment like a tall pot of soup. It accompanies whisk and food processor connections that are top-rack dishwasher safe. Remember the plastic handle has a wide periphery and it feels somewhat dangerous, making it tedious to clutch, particularly in the event that you have little hands, and the mixing connection didn’t feel as tough as different models we assessed.

The convenient Hamilton Beach Hand Blender comes with a whisk and chopping bowl to meet all of your blending, mixing and chopping needs. All attachments are dishwasher safe.

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Best five-piece immersion-blender set:

More than 2,700 commentators give this five-piece inundation blender set — which accompanies a blending wand, a milk frother, a food chopper, an estimating measuring utencil, and a whisk — five stars, and hundreds depict it as simple to clean. One such analyst, who has utilized this model for everything from blending flapjack hitter to mixing smoothies, particularly values how flexible the connections are: “I might have effectively spent twofold or triple the sum for comparative items, however I am truly happy that I didn’t and tracked down this astounding across the board stick-blender set.” Even on the off chance that you need to utilize it similarly as a blender, it does the work well. “Not exclusively does it rapidly purée the frozen organic product, however subsequently give it a snappy flush under high temp water, lay it in the drainboard, and it’s prepared for the following smoothie,” says another fulfilled client.


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