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Top 10 Best Infant Car Seats of 2020 | Reviews by Shokherdeal

10 Best Infant Car Seats reviews of 2020

You are going to use your baby car seat for months or even years. Making the right decisions is important for your budget. It’s also vital for your conscience because you don’t want to fight this unit every time you’re ready to travel with your child.

Don’t worry about the car seat until you need it, so you don’t get to experience what makes a seat great. So we are going to list the most important aspects for you. This insight will help you make more intelligent decisions whether you choose from the list above or go shopping.

Keeping your infant, toddler or kid safe is the top-most priority for any parent or guardian. Thus, when you go out to shop, make hospital visits or even short or long haul trips to family and friends, a car seat is a must-have travel gear.

Out of all the baby’s essentials, shopping for a car seat is often a daunting task full of technicalities. But hey, we have made that easier for you, providing an in-depth review of the best car seats available in the US market.

While there are lots of car seat brands in the market, interestingly, what they only share is the set minimum federal safety standards. When it comes to specific features, each of the car seat presents distinct innovative features that make it stand out. For instance, one can be more comfortable, easy to install, super safe compared to the other.

We have put into perspective all of these features in our review to help you in choosing the best car seat that suits your needs.

Infant car seat refers to car seats with a rear-facing position only, which arguably is the safest position for your baby when riding. This car seat is the perfect choice for newborns (right from the hospital) up to 2 years old babies who weigh between 4 to 40 pounds.

Typically, infant car seats comprise of head positioning pillows and ideal for your little munchkin’s body size.

Infant car seats comprise a detachable base and a carrier. The latter is where your baby sits in, while you install the base into your car. What I love most about infant car seats is its flexibility; you can attach the carrier to the base, stroller or carry along with your baby in there. Perfect, right!

My top pick for infant car seats is Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat.

Features to look out for in a baby car seat

i) Weight limits

You would want to check the car seat’s height and weight limits to ensure that it fits your baby’s size. In most cases, the highest weight limit for a rear-facing mode stands at 50 pounds.

The highest weight limit for a forward-facing harnessed position is about 85 pounds. However, it is very rare to find car seats that reach these maximum limits.

The general rule is the highest the rear-facing weight limit or the highest forward-facing harnessed position a car seat provides, the better for your baby.

ii) Safety

This is the most important aspect to consider when shopping for a car seat. The state has set minimum safety standards that any car seat should meet before going out into the market for sale.

Interestingly, some car seat brands go beyond these standards ensuring that their car seats offer additional safety features to guarantee your baby’s security in case of a collision.

Some of the extra features include side impact protection (can range from one layer up to 3 layers), sturdy steel frame, 5-point harness, impact absorbing base and EPS foam among other features.

Also, you should consider a car seat that will allow your child to use a rear-facing mode for an extended period as it is the safest position.

iii) Comfort

Once you get convinced about its safety feature, you would want to consider the comfort it will offer your little passenger. Is the car seat padded enough on the head area? Does it have additional inserts for the head, shoulders, and the rest of the body?

A car seat that is padded enough and with extra inserts ensures that your baby enjoys every bit of the ride.

Comfort also comes in when your baby can enjoy being adjusted to several recline angle positions whether in a rear facing or forward facing positions.

iv) Convenience and ease of use.

A first-time parent or not, you would want to have a baby’s car seat that you can easily operate it. For instance, it should have a hassle-free installation system preferably uses the latch system. Also, it should come along with a simple, straightforward manual.

Since you might use the car seat frequently, you need to consider additional features that add to its convenience. Some of the features include machine-washable seat, dry safe covers, adjustable harnesses, removable cup holders, no-rethread harness etc.

v) Fitting

Not all car seats have the same fitting size to every car. Some do fit well in small cars while others fit perfectly in a large car. Before purchasing your favorite car seat, ensure that it is measurements are compatible to your car interior or multiple cars.

Since the base of the car seats wear off easily whenever it is installed and re-installed quite often, you might consider purchasing several bases for your primary caregivers. Not only does it expands its longevity but it’s also convenient.

vi) Versatility

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose a car seat that perfectly fits your needs and those of your baby.

List of the Best Infant Car Seats of 2020

1# Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

Babies and toddlers who walk facing the back of the car are 5 times safer than going to the front. That’s why we appreciate the consistent design of the Graco Extend 2 ft convertible car seat that allows kids to stay in the back of the car until they reach 50 pounds. Most other rear-facing car seats matched for about 35 pounds when we were configured this way.
Installation is quick and easy on vehicles with LATCH systems, allowing this seat to be secured in less than a minute. However, the unique design of this car seat causes some frustration to install it in any car without LATCH. The Graco Extend 2 ft convertible car seat can also be used in front-facing mode until your child reaches 65 pounds.


Thanks to the firm frame and soft padding, the Graco Extend 2 ft convertible car seat provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The headrest, footrest and adjacent corners of the seat are all adjustable to fit your baby.
Unfortunately for parents, this car seat does not include a removable carrier, meaning children need to be kept in the car seat. If this bothers you, you may want to consider a smaller, more portable Grace Snag ride.


The Greco Extended 2 Feet Convertible Car Seat comes with a simple safe adjustable harness system, so that the shoe can be safely adjusted in different places, ensuring that your child is always comfortable and safe while riding. The steel-reinforced frame is ultra-strong, durable and provides great protection against crashes.

Why we like it:

For parents who feel more comfortable driving a child in their rear-facing car seat, the Graco Extend 2 ft convertible car seat allows kids to continue driving as they get older.


Dimensions: 22.10 “(L) x 19.20” (W) x 25.20 “(H)
Item Weight: 23.19 lbs
Ight Weight Recommendation: 5 – 65 lbs

  • Allows babies to remain rear-facing for longer than most infant car seats
  • Adjustable headrest and leg rest for the perfect fit and a comfortable ride
  • Transitions to forward-facing for older kids
  • Replaceable harness
  • 6-position recline
  • Steel-reinforced frame
  • Push-on LATCH connectors
  • Easy install in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions
  • Two cup holders
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Can be frustrating to install in cars without the LATCH system
  • Harness strap covers cannot be used when child is forward-facing
  • Recline position #4 is required when the seat is installed forward-facing for a child weighing less than 40 lbs.
  • Cover difficult to remove and reattach in front

2# Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

When configured as a baby seat, the Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat is reattached facing the rear of the car. As your child gets older, they will eventually move forward and forward through a level of 10 headrest heights.
Finally, this seat transfers to a booster seat, allowing your little one to make the final conversion without having to sit in the car safely.

The Greco 4 Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat is easy to install and takes only a second on cars equipped with the LATCH system to place the child seat. Since this seat can be configured in different ways, there is some learning curve in adjusting the headrest and other settings, so parents should make sure to take some time before trying to load this seat.


The Graco 4 Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat has 6 separate rear seats for children and toddler riders. There are also 10 positions for permanent headrests to ensure a comfortable fit for your baby. The seat cover is made of soft fabric, machine washable and can be quickly removed without uninstalling the seat.


The Graco 4 Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat has a steel-reinforced frame that gives it great durability and durability. This car seat has undergone extensive crash testing as part of the Gracos Protect Plus engineering initiative. That means this seat has been tested to prevent the effects of side, front and rollover crashes, it has exceeded the minimum car seat safety guidelines.

Why we like it:

With the longest lifespan of any baby seat we’ve reviewed, the Greco 4 Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat will accommodate your baby until their 10th birthday.


Dimensions: 20 “(L) x 21.5” (W) x 24 “(H)
Item Weight: 22.8 lbs
Weight Suggestion: 4 – 65 lbs

  • The seat accommodates kids between infant and 10 years
  • Transforms to continue providing a safe and comfortable ride as your baby grows
  • Installs in less than a second using the LATCH system
  • Can be tricky to adjust the headrest and other settings

3# Graco SnugRide 35 LX Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide 35 LX Infant Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

The Graco Snag ride Snag lock 35 LX Infant car seat is installed in the rear seat of any vehicle using a standard seat belt or latch system. This rear-facing seat adjusts to fit small kids like 4 pounds or 35 pounds. This car seat has been rigorously tested to withstand front, side and rollover crashes.
Parents who also purchase a Graco Quick Connect stroller can easily transfer the seat between the base and the stroller located in the car for smooth transition in and out of the car. This seat is designed for children only and will have to be moved to a larger seat such as the Graco 4 Ever DLX4 1 car seat once the kids are old enough.


Thanks to Graco Snag ride 35’s four separate re-locations, your baby’s comfortable ride is guaranteed. The removable seat is light weight, easy to carry and easily adjustable with just one hand, it creates air with the store or for continuing work. There is also a fungus that protects your baby from harmful UV rays and prevents him from being disturbed by the sun during sleep.


Kraco Snag ride 35 is Protect Plus engineered to provide maximum protection to your little one in the event of a crash. Especially when installing with a LATCH system, this model is one of the safest seats we have reviewed. This means less shaking on the road and more safety in accidents.

Why we like it:

The Graco Snag ride 35LX Infant car seat is a lightweight and sturdy option that makes it easy to get in and out of the car, especially when paired with a compatible stroller.


Dimensions: 30.67 “(L) x 11.75” (W) x 15.59 “(H)

Item Weight: 17.55 lbs
Weight Recommendation: 5.50 – 35 lbs

  • Easily installs in only three steps
  • The handle can be adjusted with only one hand
  • Safety backed by Graco’s Protect Plus engineering
  • Does not transition to fit larger babies or toddlers

4# Diono Radian 3RXT

Diono Radian 3RXT

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

The Diono Radian 3 RXT is a premium, convertible car seat that covers riders from birth to 10 years of age. Included in its design are relatively few bells and whistles but it offers a smooth and safe ride for your little ones. The main selling feature of this seat is the slim design, which allows three seats to be installed together.
Using the included Superlattices connectors, this seat connects to any compatible vehicle with a quick audible click. However, if you are putting three in the same row of seats, you may need to use car seat belts for installation.
This seat is also portable, easily folded to carry or bring an aircraft. The Diono Radian 3 RXT is FAA approved and certified for use as an in-seat safety seat.


Although the Diono Radian 3 RXT has an ultra-thin design, it does not compromise on comfort for its drivers. The 2-in-1 headrest gives comfort and support while the memory foam padding shakes the seat slightly from the bottle and keeps them cool and comfortable even in long driving.
It’s more expensive than many of the other options we’ve reviewed, but given the excellent quality and long lifespan we think this seat is a smart investment for families planning for multiple babies in a short period of time.


The children on the Diono Radian 3 RXT have been most impressed by the longer face-to-face seating arrangements than many other baby seats, allowing them to move around in this safe place until they weigh more than 50 pounds.
Includes a removable baby insert to ensure it is the safest and most comfortable position until your newborn is big enough for the ride seat.

Why we like it:

Diano Radian 3 RXT can be a lifetime for multiplier parents. The ultra-slim design allows three seats to be installed in the standard backseat.


Dimensions: 16 “(L) x 17” (W) x 28.50 “(H)
Item Weight: 30.6 lbs
Ight Weight Recommendation: 5 – 120 lbs

  • Allows for three car seats to be installed in a single row of seating
  • Memory foam cushions for a comfortable ride
  • Removable infant insert included
  • Not good value if you only need one seat

5# Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

First, you don’t fight to get in the car and this unit. The solid base stays inside when you just move the carrier. The base is a state of the art, with a closed bottom to minimize damage to your seats. On top of that, it allows for a variety of installation options by attaching your seat belts.

The angle of the base can even be adjusted through the recliner leveling foot paddle and the Ryderite bubble level indicators. Further proof that they thought of everything. And when it’s time to get out of the car, the carrier fits with other chicco equipment, such as strollers.


The carrier further ensures comfort for children of all sizes, as it has removable head and body support. Start paying attention to what is going on outside whether your baby is a newborn or even old enough com


Your baby is protected by carrier foam that can absorb energy from impact. He or she will be held in place by a five-point shoe. Even the sun can’t harm your baby because there is a tent there

Why it’s our choice:

Instead of focusing on just one side, the designers of the easily installed car seat created a great all-around car seat that could handle anything.


Dimensions: 27.5 “(L) x 17” (W) x 24 “(H)

Item Weight: 17 lbs

Ight Weight Recommendation: 4 – 30 lbs

  • Absorbs impact
  • Easy to install in car
  • Useful for different aged infants
  • Very affordable unit
  • Too large for small cars and even shopping carts
  • Sunshade is very small

6# Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

This is one of the more user-friendly models related to installation because the seat is split in two. You simply remove the front, press the seatbelt on the back, and put the front in place again.
Tight to tie many other products, you are guided by the click and secure features of Britax. When you hear it “click” you will know that it’s still fixed It’s a bit heavier than many other models, but it’s actually smaller in size.


Imagine how comfortable you can make your baby by customizing the straps with 14 different positions in pairs.


Thereafter, it affects its protective action because it provides multiple layers of padding to help prevent injury and shock. This is called Safe Cell Impact Protection and includes a metallic structure, a base that can absorb energy and stitches released on the stage that restrict incoming movement if crashed.

Why we like it:

If you want to see more of what your child is going through, you can adjust the height without taking the seat first.


Dimensions: 23 “(L) x 18.50” (W) x 23.50 “(H)
Item Weight: 29.40 lbs
Ight Weight Recommendation: 5 – 65 lbs

  • Easy installation
  • High weight capacity
  • Practical size to save space in small cars
  • No head support for newborns
  • Heavy to carry
  • Seat not very comfortable—that’s one thing the brand can improve upon
  • Buckles—especially the one at the crotch—are a bit short

7# Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

This chair caters to very young children so your premium can feel comfortable in this model. The base stays in your car so you don’t have to fight for the seat to get out. The fabric washes off and the seat can latch with the brand’s stroller


Your child will love this car seat because it uses a comfortable, sensitive fabric that will feel soft but will stimulate the senses and has bright colors to stimulate the senses.


Mic’s patented AP (air protection) technology in the form of a cushion system is used to protect your baby’s head. A five-point shoe will keep your baby safe.

One thing parent can always notice is that fitting these five-point shoes is complicated because you are struggling to guide a baby’s arm through the opening. But it is probably the safest type of protection so we believe it is worth trying

Why we like it:

This convertible car seat is incredibly light and takes up less space than many other seats.


Dimensions: 22.80 “(L) x 21.20” (W) x 29.50 “(H)

Item Weight: 23 lbs

Weight Suggestion: 9 – 70 lbs

  • Caters for preemies
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • Sun canopy flips out is available
  • Only usable for a short time in a baby’s life
  • Children outgrow it very quickly and it can feel uncomfortable even long before they’re 12 months old
  • Canopy is low quality

8# UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

There are a few seats that come with easy installation options and this is one of them. It should be like the air that enters your car. And yes, it works for small cars as well, although you will have less space for wheels to install.

Just notice that this is a heavy model on this list. It is not very practical to use it as a carrier when you shop. Luckily – and that’s why it’s such a favorite model – it fits with different brands of strollers without the need for an adapter.


Although the seat is large enough that it doesn’t feel too comfortable to carry on your side, it won’t be a problem with your little one. There is a canopy that provides SPF protection so that your child is not bothered by the sun in their eyes.


The most important part of the body is protected because the side rest has integrated side impact protection features. But above all, it is usually solid, secure and precise:

Why we like it:

This sturdy car seat emphasizes safety above all else, ensuring your child stays safe and secure while on the road.


Dimensions: 26.50 “(L) x 17.50” (W) x 23 “(H)

Item Weight: 20 lbs

Weight Suggestion: 4 – 35 lbs

  • Installation takes seconds
  • Can use with VISTA/CRUZ strollers
  • Very secure
  • Can rock seat when placed on floor
  • Can only hand wash
  • Heavy to carry around
  • Polyfoam used is flammable
  • Expensive model

9# Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat

Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc Plus Infant Car Seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

The manufacturers have tried to make it as easy as possible for parents to use it because many features require only one step to complete. Features adjustable soles on one side and adjustable height of the seat that also works with a push button.

It can’t be easy, so you’ll love this chair when you run.

You can leave the base in the car and simply move the seat. The seat fits the manufacturer’s stroller equipment so it’s so easy to carry your baby out of your car.

The seat is quite narrow, so if space in your car is a problem, this is one of the best options on this list. Make sure there is enough space along the length.


The seat ‘grows’ with your child because the straps and height can be adjusted. It feeds on small babies, it makes your baby great prematurely born – but it will work perfectly for any baby within its weight limit.


Safety shoes are tested to maintain strain, so keep your baby in position during impact. The chair’s EPS energy-absorbing foam will reduce the impact of trauma on the area around your baby’s head.

Why we like it:

This easy-to-carry seat is less likely to shake and wake the baby – and your comfort is also important.


Dimensions: 16.25 “(L) x 14.66” (W) x 26 “(H)

Item Weight: 16.87 lbs

Ight Weight Recommendation: 5 – 30 lbs

  • Can fit three seats on an average car’s back seat
  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Upright position causes babies’ heads to fall forward
  • Not enough support for small babies
  • Not soft and comfortable as other seats on this list

10# Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat with base

Primo Viaggio 4/35, Atmosphere

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Design and installation:

This model has a base that is in the car, so you only need to fit the carrier in it instead of installing the whole unit. It’s lighter than other models with similar designs, so if you know you want to take your baby to his seat, this is a good option. Installation is easy thanks to the color-coded belt straps that show you where to go.


We also love that the chair provides small babies there is support for the baby’s neck and bottoms. These support units can be adjusted as your baby gets older. Comfort will be maintained during each drive thanks to your child’s usable breathing fabric.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, car seats should be designed to help you prepare for the worst. This model does just that by leaving the anti-rebound bar. If an accident occurs, it will reduce movement and prevent harm to your baby. Also, always keep the baby with a well-made five-point harness.

Why we like it:

A unique feature is a short handle that is extremely suitable for driving the carrier in and out of the car.


Dimensions: 28.90 “(L) x 17” (W) x 25.30 “(H)

Item Weight: 21 lbs

Weight Suggestion: 4 – 35 lbs

  • Can adjust as baby grows
  • Caters for small babies
  • Many safeties feature
  • Plush interior
  • Strap system is confusing despite the color coding
  • Difficult to gauge whether base is locked in place
  • You can’t use the canopy and the handle at the same time

What makes a good car seat?

There is a reason for having so many seat models on the market. A lot can happen during the drive that every brand is trying to provide an easy solution.

Here’s your checklist when you start shopping around.

Is it easy to clean?

You know that no rubbish is inevitable when it comes to kids. So what do you do now You cannot keep any seat dirty because it is unhealthy and it can create discomfort for your child.

So your seat is certainly easy to clean, like the Graco 4 Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat.

If the cloth is smooth and easy to wipe, it already helps. The winning option is when you can open the cover and put it in your washing machine and even in the dryer.

Also, make sure the cover is very easy to close. If you have kids you want quick and easy alternatives.

Is it comfortable for you?

The simpler solution you want is to put the seat in the car or take it out. Here are some thoughts:

Carry If it is heavy to carry, you will struggle to keep it in the car.

Lift It should be easy to lift so that you do not wake the sleeping baby inside the seat.

Make sure it’s easy to tie in place because you don’t want to waste time every time you get ready to travel.

Is it easy to adjust the straps that will make your baby comfortable as he gets older?

A few car seats, such as the Baby Trend Flex-Lock Infant car seat, were specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for parents.

Is it comfortable for your child?

Your child’s comfort is paramount, because you want him or her to feel comfortable sitting inside. There is nothing worse than your baby crying because you put it in a safety seat. Often this cry is brought to discomfort.

First see if you can adjust the interior to customize it according to your child’s creation and future growth. A newborn should not rotate around, while an older baby does not feel squashed.

The straps should also be in the right place so the fabric does not create abrasion on sensitive skin, such as near crutches. Read a few reviews and you can quickly identify which seats were designed with a child’s form in mind. The G Graco Snagride 35LX Infant Car Seat is a great choice.

What are the safety features?

And now for the most important consideration: protection. After all, this is why you are buying a car seat.

Each brand will have a unique approach to protection, so read the reviews to see if the new discoveries actually work. If you want a safe baby car seat, you should at least find these features:

St is a solid frame

Strong straps

That seat must be kept safe

A In the event of a collision, there should be adequate padding for shock absorption

Vital support in important areas such as the neck and back, especially for newborns

While all the seats on this list are perfectly safe, the UPPB MESA Infant Car Seat is the best team and will ensure that your child will not feel any bounce even in the rooted areas.

Make sure your car seat fits

You must first check your car before you purchase a seat. Do the dimensions of the seats we mentioned in the reviews above match your vehicle?

An important aspect that many parents forget is that the seat does not just take the place of the back seat. Due to the extra padding, sun visor and footrests, the front seats in front of a baby seat have to be moved forward.

When you know that you often drive alone with your baby, you can simply put him or her in the passenger seat or back. But what happens when more people join you in the car?

You can’t even make the driver feel uncomfortable. If large families require two or more baby seats, you must ensure that it does not affect the driver’s seat position.

To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety you must measure the maximum space available behind your seat and find a baby car seat that will fit in that space.

Here’s another important tip: make sure the size of your door allows easy access to baby seats. You’re putting the baby inside, putting the seat in place, or taking the seat outside to keep your sleeping baby with you, you want it effortlessly, don’t you?

You may have to do this every day of your life, so be wise

Let’s talk about prices

You don’t need to break the bank just because you need a car seat. Yes, high end seats provide exceptional protection and they usually have a great easy way to fit in your car and strapping your child.

These brands have tried to design new mechanisms and that is why their prices are higher

This does not mean that the more affordable seat is not worth checking out. After all, safety is not the easiest thing to use. As long as the seat you buy provides adequate padding for safe strapping and shock absorption, your baby will be safe.

There are other features that allow you to split money, but you can easily find a DIY way to add it to any car seat:

Fabric that removes heat and moisture.


Cup holder

These are not vital, but yes, you and your child will love them, so they are worth it if they fit your budget.


Did you find your favorite baby car seat on our list? We know this is a difficult decision, but with a little care you will be able to find the perfect car seat so you can enjoy all your travels with your baby.

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