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Top 10 Best Robot Kit for Kids In 2021

Back in the old days’ kids are known to learn stem skills buy playing with Lego blocks and Lincoln logs but as technology improves so is do the technology for children improves. Now High- or low-tech robotic kit for kids either with, without remote or app-based has been made to provide children with fun and adventure in other to boost their thinking and become more creative.
Although the 21st century is filled with a lot of robotic kits for children, we will be taking at the best robotic kit for kids in 2021. We would consider their educational, mechanical, electrical, durability, engaging and fun components of the robotic kits for kids.

Sillbird is known for making programmable robots for kids:

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The Sillbird STEM a very versatile 12 in one STEM educational robot toy that needs no batteries but just the solar energy to work on. Also, on the bonus side, it is one of the most budget-friendly robot toy kits on our list.
Out of the 12 available models it can make out of the 190 building blocks, all of them are into 2 levels of complexity. These include turtle, walker, bird, surfer, buggy, rolly polly, puppy and zombie etc.

As mentioned before, this kit does not require any batteries. It can be powered through the sun’s solar energy through the solar panel present in the kit which drives energy to the motor. Thus, it teaches your kid the usage of green, clean and renewable energy too.

It promotes not just STEM education via teaching your kid the essential engineering and problem-solving skills but it also develops their manual dexterity, improves logical thinking and self-confidence.
Age Group: 8 and above

  • Simple, economical and budget-friendly STEM education Robot Toy
  • Works on renewable solar energy with its solar panels
  • Can build about 12 different models of robots in 2 different levels of complexity (beginner and higher)
  • 190 different building blocks
  • No app-based control
  • No warranty

LEGOS that move and do tricks:

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Kids love robots and they love Legos. From the official house of LEGOS, the Boost creative toolbox 17101 is a fun Lego set where your kid can build their own robot out of Lego bricks. You too can Build Robots for kids using Legos.

Acting as a STEM educational toy that fosters their curiosity, it not only adds fun but also teaches them to program too. You can download the app to control and code this via the iOS App Store or Android play store. With this set of 847 pieces, your kid can build a total of 5 different toy robot models.

A robot that dances, a cat that is interactive and digital pet, Guitar 4000; a guitar that has a pitch bend and sound effects to teach music, M.T.R. 4 a rover with various attachments and the most versatile of all, the Auto Builder, a Lego built structure that creates miniature Lego models like a factory. The kit is compatible with the Lego Ninjago 70652 Storm bringer kit and is controllable via the LEGO BOOST app. Perfect for kids between the ages of 7 and 12 both for boys and girls, this toy has won the Toy of the Year awards.

  • It is a DIY robot kit
  • Can be modelled into 5 different robots (1 can dance, 1 is a cat, 1 is a model rover with attachments, 1 is a guitar and 1 is an auto builder that creates more models)
  • Compatible with a few other LEGOS sets as well
  • TOY of the Year award winner
  • Programmable robots which teach kids to code via STEM approach
  • Does not have a warranty but toys don’t come with any warranty

Yet another STEM-based teaching robot

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Dash, from the house of Wonder Workshop, which is known for developing coding robots for kids is not just for small kids (6 and above) but also for middle and high school kids who wish to develop their critical and coding skills.
This award-winning robot comes with interactive technology that will teach your kid to create a robot with voice commands, explore loops, different conditions and sequences through the 5 free apps that come with the robot which teach your kid to code in a fun way.

It will teach your kid to learn through its open-ended learning platform which also allows your kid to collaborate with the challenging community of Wonder League and its recurring workshops and competitions.
It comes with a sketch kit, building block connectors and has a charging playtime of about 5 hours. It also has Bluetooth connectivity in it. It’s building blocks let you build small structures, connect and develop structures creatively like a truck, an animal, a robot and a lot more.

Used in over 20,000 schools to date, Dash’s presence is growing fast. Furthermore, this product comes with a 30-day return window and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.
Age Groups: 6 and higher

  • Award-winning STEM robot that teaches kids to have fun and to code as well.
  • Responds to voice commands and can be programmed as such
  • Has 5 free apps through which you can creatively code the robot
  • Has various building blocks for creatively building robots, animals, trucks etc.,
  • Does not need any batteries, can be charged to work for 5 hours straight
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Nothing in particular to mention

Really RAD Robot for kids

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From the house of Really RAD Robots, the Turbo RAD robot is a remote-controlled electronic built robot toy that also works with voice commands too. It comes prebuilt and is not exactly one of those robots for kids to build. Built for racing, speed, tricks and fun, the Turbo RAD bot comes with a remote control that has a turbo boost switch. You can race him up, down, front or back depending on the surface you have. The voice command functions can make the Turbo Robot spin, explore or dance. If in case Turbo encounters any obstacle, it will avoid it in an intelligent fashion.

You can even tell it a joke and watch it laugh. The best part is that Turbo can record a message and play it back as a funny prank, trick or a lovable surprise. With its database filled with rad sound effects and comments that mimic talking, Turbo Bot is full of surprises and a fun personality with its “engine mode” or the “gross mode”.
Age groups: 10 and Above

  • A racing robot with remote controls
  • Can also act on voice commands
  • It can race, spin and explore
  • It can also record and release voices
  • Can mimic comments, speech etc.,
  • Needs 3 AA batteries for the robot and 3 AAA batteries for the remote
  • No warranty
  • Batteries not included
  • Not a STEM education robot

Sikaye RC Robot for Kids

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Next on our list is Sikaye, a remote-controlled robot for kids. This programmable robot comes with an Infrared controller that makes the Robot dance, sing and much more. It is not one of those “build your own robots for kids” but is actually a toy.
A brilliant gift for kids of the age group 4 or above, it can easily be a best friend for your kid. With the intelligent remote control, you can make the robot move or sing or dance. Apart from the remote, you can also control the robot with hand gestures as well.

While in demo mode, the robot plays about some music or some dance move whereas in manual mode, you can use the remote to move about the robot. In knowledge mode, the robot recites some facts that will teach the kids about subjects such as Astronomy, English or Math. Apart from these, you can also program up to a maximum of 50 actions on this robot by switching to programming function. It comes with its own charger and needs to be charged for about 2 hours before you can use it for a long time.
Age Group: 4 to 7 years old

  • It is a pre-build ready to play robot
  • Perfect gift for kids above the age of 4 years
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Can also work with hand gestures
  • The robot can sing, dance and walk
  • Can also be programmed to do 50 different gestures
  • In knowledge mode, it can teach kids to sing, astronomy, English, math etc.
  • Not a STEM robot but more of a toy
  • No warranty because toys don’t come with a warranty.

Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

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The Anki Cozmo is one of those fun real life-like Robots for kids like the ones in movies. Available in 2 modes of operation, the Cozmo robot is fun and becomes your child’s best friend in an instant and thus makes it one of the Top Robots for kids.
Designed in a very child-friendly and visually appealing manner, the Cozmo can do a lot more than just drive around. It is programmable and can be customized with a lot more flexibility than any robot toy.

You can switch it to the Explorer mode and see things from Cozmo’s little camera eyed perspective. Programmed with Artificial Intelligence, Cozmo can emote different expressions. Your kid can play with it by programming and controlling it with the Cozmo app (from iOS or Android store). Using this, Cozmo can be switched from explorer mode to play mode where it will play a number of games with the 3 cubes that come with the kit.

The user interface is child-friendly and educational as it teaches your kid in the art of creative coding. It also has intermediate coding levels which you, as an adult can learn to code robots intuitively as well. The robot gets automated updates year-round.
Cozmo is tougher than he looks and also, he has edge detection capability which prevents it from falling down or crashing into walls. The kit comes with 1 Cozmo Robot, 3 cubes and 1 charger to charge it.
Recommended Age: 8 Years or Above

  • Adorable and child-friendly design
  • Teaches kids to play, creative coding and learn too
  • Can express 100 different emotions
  • Has 3 cubes using which you can play a lot of games
  • Intermediate robot coding can teach adults to code as well
  • Batteries Included
  • Nothing in particular

Makeblock mBot Robot for Kids

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Next on our list is the Makeblock mBot, a DIY robot kit with mechanical building blocks which easily is one of the most budget friendly and cheap robots for kids. This is an entry level programming kit that helps to improve your kid’s logical and creative thinking skills via the STEM education.

Upon building, the mBot is a very smart robot that can be switched to various modes to play with. For instance, it can jump away from and avoid obstacles, follow in a line and so on. Easy to build, it takes about 15 minutes to build the robot and it can be controlled with a remote or with a smartphone via the mBlock Blockly App (available on both iOS and Android).

You can also use the mBlock Blockly App to code the robot and it is a brilliant way to train new coders with the advanced yet simple enough to use mBlock software which is available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is a versatile entry level coding platform that has more than 450,000+ users in its community to further help you.

The DIY guide limits your creativity to only your imagination which lets you build a lot of things with this bot. You can also purchase add on packages for the mBot for upgrading the robot. It runs with the power of 4 AA batteries or a single piece of 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium battery for the mBot and a CR2025 coin battery for the remote. The batteries are not included in the packaging. Makeblock is a global brand in the STEM education solutions in over 140+ countries. There is no manufacturer’s warranty on the product.
Age group: 10 and above

  • It is an economic and budget friendly DIY robot kit
  • Encourages and teaches entry level programming to kids.
  • The coding platform is available on the smart phone as well can be downloaded on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Smart robot that can perform various functions, avoid obstacles and a lot more as it is programmed to.
  • Needs 4 AAA batteries or a 3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery for the robot and a CR2025 coin battery for the remote.
  • No warranty
  • Batteries not included in the packaging.

Learning Resources Robot for Kids

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Botley is a 77-piece DIY early-stage STEM Learning kit that teaches your kids STEM skills all while having fun and playing with the robot. Botley’s kit comes with robots for kids to make which in turn teaches kids how to code with active and screen-free play in order to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Completely programmable screen-free, you do not need a tablet or even a smartphone. The programmable remote can be used to send in commands that will get the robot to move and perform actions. All you need to do is use 3 AAA batteries for the Botley and 2 AAA batteries for the Remote Programmer. The Botley bot can smartly detect objects that are in front of it and avoid them. It can follow black line paths, take obstacle courses and looping commands. You can code the Botley to 80 different steps and there are about 40 more hidden features and steps that you can unlock on Botley.

Apart from the remote programmer, it comes with detachable robot arms, 40 different coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 of obstacle course pieces and a starter guide to help with the coding challenges. The Botley DIY robot comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. Apart from the 77piece set, you also have the option to buy a 45piece set or additional accessories pieces set as well.
Age Groups: 6 to 10 years

  • Simple and easy to build and teach coding via the STEM approach
  • Screen-free coding via code cards and programmable remote
  • Can smartly detect and avoid obstacles
  • Comes with detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles and 27 obstacle course pieces.
  • Can also buy additional set pieces too
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Top Race Robot for Kids

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A robot toy much like the Sikaye robot mentioned above, this is one of those remote-control robots for kids which can race, run, walk and mimic talking. It comes with a remote control with which you can make the robot perform various functions. A great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion for kids, this new robots for kids is smart and intelligent. It has fun filled LED lights that come up when the robot is moving. It also has music and can recite and read about 10 different stories to kids. It can also sing about 10 songs. Apart from all of this, the recorder inside the robot will also help in mimicking others voices as well.

The robot comes with a set of small discs which can be loaded on its head and it can shoot it out with its mouth. And apart from flash dancing, shooting disks and sliding over, the robot can also do more than 40 different math questions and much more.
Thus, it is not just a toy but also a learning robot for kids. It is 12 inches tall and uses a total of 5 AA batteries where’s the remote uses 2 AA batteries which are not included in the packaging. As this is a toy, there is no warranty on the product.
Age group: 3 to 8 years old

  • A simple yet great looking toy robot for kids
  • Super fun to play with for kids as it walks, races, dances and much more
  • It can play music for kids, tell 10 stories, sing 10 songs, solve about 40 math questions and also mimic other people’s voices
  • Full filled LED lights that light up in different pattern
  • Can be controlled with a remote control that comes with the packaging.
  • Not a STEM based educational toy robot
  • As this is a straight up toy, it does not have any warranty

Trimnpy RC Cars Robot for Kids

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Trimnpy’s is a really cool robots for kids which is actually a remote-controlled car that transforms into a robot much like the transformers. Please do keep in mind that this is not an official transformers merchandise but is something that looks like it.
The Trimnpy car can transform into a robot by the press of a button on the car and also on the remote controller or just with your hand sensor. With a 2.4 GHz strong transmitter system, the car comes with cool lights design and intelligent LED lights that can emit bright light when the room is dark.

With its realistic engine acceleration sounds, it has 5 smooth wheels and can do super fast 360 degrees drifting both in the robot mode and the car transform mode. It has a demo mode which when pressed accompanies exciting music and sounds.
Made from 100% safe and harmless ABS plastic. It is eco-friendly and at the same time, can sustain a lot of damage and throwing around that kids tend to do. A great gift for children during Christmas, New Year or birthdays, an RC car by Trimnpy is perfect to buy. As this is a toy, there is no warranty on it.
Age group: 4 and above

  • A remote-control car that turns into a robot
  • 2.4 GHz remote control transmitter system
  • Can also be controlled using gestures
  • The robot has 5 wheels and can do 360-degrees swift drift on both car mode and robot mode
  • Made from good quality ABS plastic
  • It is just a toy for kids and not a STEM learning robot
  • No warranty because toys do not come with any warranty

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